FAMILY IS EVERYTHING.... THE MEMORIES WE HAVE AS A CHILD WILL STAY WITH US FOR EVER...... Hi. My name is Michael Matthews. I was born & bred in Bexhill. This town i love and want so much for out & it's future...I am aiming to raise funds for new Christmas Lights Street Decorations and a Christmas Tree and a Life size Nativity scene for our town. Bexhill-on-sea Sussex. Plus the surrounding villages of Sidley, Pebsham, Little Common, Cooden & Collington to join in Together, young & old, we are all as one. We have a lovely seaside town and we are all part of a superb community that wants so much for now and the future of our town for all of our families and their future descendants. Unfortunately our Town Council & budget & funding has not done a lot towards these. So we as a community of all the areas aim to put this right for our future. Our Christmas town decorations over the last few years have dwindled down to nothing and are not at all good. So i believe with the help of all families, Schools, Nursing homes, Rest homes, Churches, Clubs, Companies and shops with also sponsorships and funding. We together can make our town so very special for the future.... SHINING LIGHTS is a company set up to do this. I will be visiting all the above listed and asking for everyone to work together to have the town well decorated with New Christmas Light street Decorations and also new lamppost column Christmas decorations chosen by many members, young & old of our local community. These will be supplied, erected, maintained, taken down & stored for the next five years. There will be posters going up in schools, clubs, and shops for all to see. On them will be a HSBC sort code and Bank account for anyone and everyone to donate into. PLEASE, I AM ASKING EVERYONE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. LET'S BE PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE AND MAKE OUR TOWN SPECIAL FOR EVERYONE

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Shining Lights Team

  1. Anna Beale
    Anna Beale
    Shining Lights Director Working Mum with 4 Children
  2. Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews
    Director Michael was the one that had the Idea for Shining Lights